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A Palazzo Steeped in History in the Heart of Naples

Artemisia Domus Giardino is a 16th-century period residence that has been declared a site of historical and artistic interest for its glorious beauty and ancient past. We’re nestled in the heart of Naples, just a stone’s throw from the lungomare (seafront) and Piazza del Plebiscito, in an historical palazzo whose walls and ceilings still offer the chance to admire the awe-inspiring original frescoes protected by the Italian Ministry of Culture for their importance. The frescoed ceilings are complemented by splendid wooden coffers, lending all the typical charm of stately homes and aristocratic palazzi.

A Fusion of Old and New in a 16th-Century Period Residence


We’re located inside the Palazzo d’Alessandro Pescolanciano, whose majestic stone entrance was once dominated by the coat of arms of the d’Alessandro family.

The art of hospitality has always been deeply ingrained in this magnificent place. In fact it was in the very rooms of this aristocratic palazzo that one of Naples’ first hotels — the “Aquila Nera” — was founded.

Many illustrious figures have stayed in this residence over the years, from Marie Clotilde of France (Queen of Sardinia), to the English poet John Keats. To this day, on the second floor of the palazzo, home to the exquisite rooms of Artemisia Domus Giardino, you can still admire a stone plaque commemorating Marie Clotilde, Queen of Sardinia and sister of the last three kings of France, who stayed in this apartment in exile, spending her final living days here.

What’s more, the ancient original decorations have been restored in all of the rooms. In the breakfast room and reception room, for example, ancient frescoes dating back to the16th-century have been restored. The Giaele suite features perfectly preserved ancient vaulting, while guests in the Betsabea suite can admire 16th-century frescoes protected by the Italian Ministry of Culture for their artistic and historical value. This is an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the centuries-old glory of Naples.

Luxury Hospitality and Boutique Rooms


Our boutique hotel offers luxury hospitality catering to our guests’ every needs, however big or small, to make their stay in Naples one they’ll remember forever.

You’ll enjoy an exclusive experience with a relaxed vibe in a sublimely restored historical setting featuring a tasteful blend of old and new. Make the holiday of your dreams in Naples a reality in our comfortable rooms and spa suites with whirlpool bath, just a stone’s throw from the lungomare (seafront) with its most breathtaking attractions, such as the Castel dell’Ovo (Castle of the Egg) and Borgo Marinari.

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